The holiday seasons are around the corner! So whether you need a white elephant gift or a cheap gift that stands out above the rest, I have for you 15 gifts under $15 that are sure to capture your eye. By the way, this post contains affiliate links and each item was under $15 when I had last checked it.

1) An Octopus Mug ($13.99)

We all have that person in our life that goes above and beyond in their selection of coffee mugs. This person drinks out of mugs that mean more than something to hold a warm drink. For that person, I recommend the Octopus Mug. It's a unique, one-of-a-kind, handpainted item that catches the eye. All thanks to the coral blue color, the swooping arm of the octopus that makes up the handle, and the golden yellow eyes that stare back at you. 

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2) Friends TV Show Pencil Set ($15.00)

This is a niche gift for a specific type of person. It's for the writer, the student, the listmaker, or handwriter among us who also happen to love the show Friends. What fan of this show can resist a pink pencil that says, "Smelly Cat"? These #2 pencils are irresistible conversation starters that will tickle the funny bone of fans everywhere.

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3) Taco Tuesday Kitchen Towel ($14.99)

Have a friend who constantly talks about Taco Tuesday? Do you love tacos too? Do you know someone who makes tacos like it's nobody's business? This kitchen towel is perfect as a hostess gift, a gift for a taco-fanatic moving into a new home or it's a thank you gift to a fellow taco fan. Featuring a different taco for each day of the week, it's a unique handmade towel that will make any taco fan smiling. For an extra something special, wrap this kitchen towel around a bottle of Tequila.

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4) Snowman Poop Stocking Stuffer ($14.95)

Who can resist getting snowman poop in their stocking on Christmas day? I guess snowman poop is what you get when you haven't been so bad to get coal, but certainly bad enough to get poop. This adorable gift bag measures at 3 inches by 4 inches and comes with a container of white Tic Tacs. Perfect as a stocking stuff or small gift to give to coworkers. Another potential idea for the "snowman poop" is coconut flavored jelly beans or marshmallows.

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5) Rubber Ducky Earrings ($12.50)

Ernie said it best when he said, "Rubber Duckie you're the one, you make bathtime so much fun." Whether you know someone who is an Ernie at heart, a rubber duckie fan, or are into clever jewelry, these Rubber Ducky Earrings are sure to catch anyone's eye. These are handmade and come with a gift box so it makes it an easy gift to give.

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6) Have a Nice Poop Art Print ($10.99)

For the right type of person, this is a fantastic gift to give for the bathroom. Or anywhere, really. But especially the bathroom. Why? Because sometimes you just need to cheer someone on before they go take a number 2. This would also work fantastically for any gift giving parties you plan on going to this holiday season and want to give a gift that will produce a few laughs.

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7) Leather Notebook ($7.99)

If you know someone who loves to write or draw then you know how important notebooks are to them. This is a fantastic notebook, especially if you consider the price. The pages are blank (rather than lined) so it can be filled with sketches as well. It's nicely sized (about 5.8 by 4.1 inches) so it is easily taken with them on the go and the leather binding makes this a durable choice as well.

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8) Harry Potter Postcard Coloring Book ($7.99) 

This particular gift is a special one for Harry Potter fans. This is a postcard sized notebook filled with postcards you can color. They are intricate designs that will be appreciated by the fan of the book and/or movie. The wonderful thing is that the postcards have a blank side so you can actually mail these out to someone who is a fan of the movie or books.

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9) Banana Wine Stopper ($8.00) 

For someone with an excellent sense of humor, this banana wine stopper is a must-buy. It's made from silicon rubber and maintains freshness. The "peeled banana" half of the stopper is the one that goes into the wine, so it looks like the banana is sticking out of the wine. If you purchase this wine stopper for someone, make sure you buy some wine to go with it.

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10) Please Leave by 9 Banner ($13.95)

For the person who doesn't like to have long parties, or struggles with guests leaving, this is an excellent banner for you to buy them. The banner reads "Please leave by 9." Each letter is about 5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide and the letters are adjustable along the white string.

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11) Floral Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers ($12.93)

These adorable floral designed owl salt and pepper shakers make an excellent gift for someone who takes care in the kitchen. These are hand-painted in delicate, bright colors and very lightweight, but durable.

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12) The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs (Paperback, $11.52)

So this is a unique book for the right type of person. If you know a nature lover in your life or someone who desires to get out into the outdoors more, they will absolutely appreciate the tips in this book. The book reads less of a nature guide as a motivational book and is sure to captivate people who love the outdoors.

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13) Star Wars Darth Vader Mug ($14.24)

Know a Star Wars fan in your life? Then they will love this Darth Vader mug! It's custom-sculpted and made of quality stoneware. It's a very large mug, which shouldn't be surprising. Definitely an eye-catching, one of a kind type of gift.

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14) Adult Activity Book ($8.22)

This is an excellent gift for someone with an upcoming trip that needs something to do on the plane. Or someone that just loves games like crossword, hangman, word scrambles and other games. It's inexpensive and even has a section where someone can play with a friend.

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15) Cat Butt Magnets ($10.95) 

This is sure to bring a smile to the face of a cat lover in your life! These are magnets of 6 different cat species and are fairly large magnets (2x by .75 by 1.25 inches). The painting of the animal bottoms are in great detail as well and are made with decent plastic that make them durable around kids.

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