As a fancy girl who also loves to take naps, my bedroom is my sanctuary. You know how you feel when you walk into a luxury hotel room? I put a lot of effort into making my space bring me that same feeling. And after posting it on the 'Gram, I got a lot of questions about the pieces that made up my little sanctuary. Let me tell you something, money does not equal sophistication. I think I've pretty much mastered making any room look like a million bucks by simply paying attention to every detail. 

Here are 5 ways to make your bedroom look like a luxury hotel room, too!

1. Start with a statement headboard
The bed is the focal point of every bedroom, so you have to make it grand! Choose a headboard with a notable feature. Find one in a rich color, bold shape, or impressive height. Other luxe details to consider would be tufting, channels, and mirrored/metal edges. I opted for a tall, plush, tufted headboard in a neutral beige and added a modern look by going custom and swapping the standard brass nailheads with shiny nickel ones instead. 
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2. Make it monochromatic
Picking a color palette was easy for me, since one of my favorite colors is gray. Once I chose the color I wanted, I fully invested. Going monochromatic does not have to be boring at all! Add depth and interest with texture and using a few touches of colors close in the same color family. Adding dimension in this way creates continuity and makes the space look more expensive. I chose a duvet in a shiny steel gray with damask stripes; white sheets that also have a damask pattern; and smoke gray throw pillows with shallow tufting. 
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3. Layer bedding and pile on the pillows
Layering, much like with clothing, takes a formula to get it right every time. I like to have my comforter folded about a quarter of the way down. I fill that space up top with the pillows (more on those next) and then use a separate duvet, quilt, or large throw blanket at the foot of the bed. I folded my second duvet in thirds to create some height at the end of the bed. It also adds a plush and cozy touch. Another major key in getting this formula right, is opting for quality materials. I forgo the microfiber and jersey sheets every time because they tend not to look fresh after a few washes due to pilling. They also stretch out and look saggy. I tend to choose 500 thread count cotton sheets and then "splurge" on a satin look comforter and velvet accent pillows. Keep in mind that pillows should not extend past that top fold, or you'll be crossing into ridiculousness territory! Also, use Euros, large square pillows that are usually 26' x 26'. They usually cost the same amount as a standard sham, but the shape of euros just evoke opulence. My stone gray Euros are no longer available at Z Gallerie, but you can find similar ones below.
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4. Seating
Now that you have your bed nice and cozy and inviting, you're gonna need somewhere to sit (because  who sits on a freshly made bed?) or at least somewhere to throw your pillows at night. Adding chairs, or a bench, like in my case, at the foot of the bed is something you find at most high-end and boutique style hotels. They are practical -- hello, putting on a pair of strappy heels for girls' night out-- and are purely aesthetically pleasing. HomeGoods is a great place to find some affordable ones year-round

5. Nighstands
Finally, you'll need something to frame all of this beauty. This is where nightstands come in to play. I prefer nightstands that stand out. Choosing reflective top or mirrored nightstands bring in light, especially if you have a lamp atop. Also opting for one with glass or acrylic creates the same effect of light and openness. I love symmetry, but you don't necessarily have to go the Fancy B route. One nightstand makes a significant statement as well. Either way you go, make sure you keep the nightstand declutter, and only adding a few decorative touches like a lamp, a book, a small floral arrangement, and/or a scented candle and use the drawer(s) to hide anything else.
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Keeping these key elements in mind, I'm sure you'll be able to create a bedroom that gives off hotel vibes as easily as I did. Just remember not to rush the process. It took me a year to get my room this way and I still add to it and swap items out as the seasons change. If you're still lost on how to achieve a similar look, you can always contact me and hire me consultation and design services! :)

Thanks for reading!