I couldn't help but share this with you guys. Would you, could you, pay for a $1,000 sandwich? I mean, there about 100 things that come to mind that I would rather spend that much money on. I guess if you are curious enough and have enough money to spend, this kind of thing could be mildly tempting. I guess?

So, here's what it is. The restaurant Doma Land and Sea has created it. If you check out their menu, they offer up some tasty - albeit, slightly expensive but not outlandishly so - food options. I mean, that "Big Dog" hot dog they serve up actually looks amazing. I just wonder if they have a gluten-free option (hey, I can't help but be curious!) Anyways, back to the sandwich.

It's called, "King DOMA" and created with some pretty elite ingredients. It's served with some carefully prepared ingredients along with a glass of Cristal champagne. Priced at $1,000.

Here's what is included this sandwich:

  • 28-Day Dry-Aged Prime Beef Short Ribs 
  • 7-Day Glenlivet 25 Single Malt Brine 
  • Indonesian Luwak Coffee Pastrami Rub 
  • "Gold Speck" Argentinian Grilled Rye Whiskey Flatbread 
  • Pan-Roasted Hudson Valley Foie Gras 
  • Italian Alba White Truffles 
  • Gold-Dusted Black Truffle Tater Tots with Saffron-Tomato Aioli 
  • Stoli Elite Wasabi-Infused Roasted Beet and Cabbage Horseradish 
  • Crystal-Infused French Mustard 
  • Microgreen Herb Medley 
  • Garnished with Gold Leaves and Mr. Pickle's Kosher Dills 
  • Served with a Glass of Cristal Champagne

Wow right? Jaw dropping sandwich price aside this does look like a nice restaurant but...think it would offend the chef if someone asked for this to be gluten free? Hm. 

Probably so. Anyways, meanwhile I'm good with eating at home.