photo credit: Tanviidotcom Soft Skin Remedy via photopin (license)

Ah, a new year is upon us. I'm mentally checking off all the things I'd like to keep up with this year. Good habits that I want to hold onto. Doing better with my skin is up there, of course. I have sensitive skin and it can react from anything like dryness to food sensitivities, and so I want to take care this year with how I treat my skin. Particularly my face. So what's my top five skin must dos?

1) Moisturize.

There are a ton of ways to keep your skin supple and smooth and moisturizing should be on the top of everyone's list. Lately, I use cetaphil. It's a bit expensive but it lasts long and it makes my skin just glow. I also use coconut oil at night. I'm practically glistening at the beginning of the day as well as at the very end of the day, folks.

2) Exfoliating.

I've started doing this at least once a week and technically you are not supposed to do this too much as it can damage your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin like me (twice a week is fine if you have normal skin). I use a coffee scrub Shea Moisture  - and it is so nice for my skin. I plan on doing this once a week this year. Also, I'm hearing a lot of good things about charcoal cleansers too, so I may try that as well.

3) Facial masks.

I hear good things about facial masks and this is something I'd like to try. I mean, I could have a facial mask on right now, you guys. So it's a multi-tasking thing and there's no reason why I can't do it.

4) Wear sunscreen.

Like one of my favorite songs/poems says - wear sunscreen. Seriously, it's a fantastic thing to do for your skin and the aging process will thank you. Not to mention it's something that you should be doing no matter what the season is, actually. So slather on the SPF 40. Who's with me?

5) Don't touch your face.

Okay I do have a bad habit of picking at my skin. It isn't good. The first step of changing a bad habit is by acknowledging it. I mean, seriously, if I was in that movie Contagion, I'd be the first one out with my pore examination and pimple picking I do. Gross, I know. But we all do it. So my mission this year is to keep my hands off my face. 

What are you planning on doing for your skin this year? Make a list and tell me what you think!