Valentine's Day. Roses. Jumbo heart-shaped balloons. Oversized teddy bears. Hallmark cards filled with someone's deepest sentiments and red glitter... 

I hate to be a Scrooge, but I can totally do without all the theatrics this year. Don't get me wrong, I love love! I am a true romantic. I believe the fairytale is real. But I the older I get, the more non-traditional I get and the more I enjoy creating my own way of doing things. The idea of wearing red from head to toe (especially since red doesn't work well with my very yellow skin tone), and trying to find something festive that doesn't look cheap, and waiting for an additional hour to get that french mani/pedi with one red nail with a heart design simply makes me cringe. It was totally cute when I was a teenager, but as I got older, and looked around the crowded restaurants at other couples dressed almost exactly like us... It lost its novelty. This year, I want to keep things simple. And since VDay falls on a Tuesday this year, I am more than happy to just enjoy some Quality Time, Hi-Five style (Don't get the reference? Google it!).

Because I plan on going to the movies, pigging out on snacks, and bringing the kiddo along, I kept my non-traditional valentine's date night look utilitarian. Army fatigue can hide little kiddo spills without the stains being obvious. Overalls will hide my inevitable food baby (cuz I'm eating til my heart's content). And wearing the heels adds intrigue and keeps me from falling into full on soccer-mom mode. 

I hope you have a phenomenal Valentine's Day, no matter how you choose to celebrate!

Distressed Fatigue Overalls // Ribbed Turtleneck // H&M Longline Coat - no longer available (similar) // Pom Pom Pumps //

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Photography by Stephanie Omens (@bloggerscaptured)