I love all things autumn. I love that the days feel a bit crisper; that it's sunny when I get up in the morning; the fireplace gets to be used; visits to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch are routine; hot chocolate; and cuddle weather... In Atlanta, the weather usually doesn't make a drastic turn until late October. So those cooler mornings, can quickly turn into blazing afternoons. One way to avoid getting trapped in playing the guessing game during this transitional season is to dress in layers. My foolproof formula for layering like a pro is outlined below...

1. Play with hemlines.
The best way to create a layered look that does not look bulky is to use different hemlines to create the look. I prefer to have a shorter one, a mid-length, and a longer one. This helps to create a slimmer silhouette and ensures that you don't end up looking like you're swimming in clothing or adding girth.

2. The heaviest item goes on last.
To ensure that lumps, and odd bulges don't appear and totally kill your ensemble, put your heaviest piece on top. Usually, I consider this tip when I am attempting to add a sweater into the mix. A flowy button down and skirt, can easily be layered and anchored by a boxy knit sweater thrown on top. It's like the layer of fondant on a cake.

3. Find a formula and stick to it.
I always limit the number of items in my combinations to three. Top + Bottom + Layer or One Piece + Layer A + Layer B. The first formula works for shirt and pants/skirt combos, while the second is good for dresses and jumpsuits/rompers. Either way, you're bound to look sophisticated and not sloppy. This also makes it easier to ensure you don't have competing hemlines (see tip #1).

4. Use contrasting colors.
I love a monochromatic outfit as much (if not more) than the next girl, but when layering, you need to add in colors to break up the monotony. Take for instance, the Top + Bottom + Layer formula I used earlier. As slimming as black is, adding layers of it on top of each other just makes the separation of layers get lost and visually creates a single layer. Try a black pair of skinny jeans + a black sweater + a crisp white button down, you break up the two black items, which draws the eyes in to the white shirt, which will highlight your actual frame.

With these tips and a few trial runs, I'm sure you'll be a layer slayer in no time! What are your tips for easy layering? I'd love for you to share in the comments below!

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