Can you believe that it's already August?! This summer has been a whirlwind. I have just noticed that things have been in high gear since late May. I was expecting a lull at work since school is out and that would mean less calls and meetings. But my department never stops developing courses for professional development and initiating projects for new instructional technology tools and educational programs. So... so much for a lull!

With that being said, a girl could use a break... and unfortunately, so could my wallet. When I get a little stressed, I decompress by going shopping. There is nothing like the excitement of finding a great sale or stumbling across a really cool and unique boutique! I get such a rush from it! That rush has cost me a pretty penny a few a lot of times.

In January, I made it my mission to live life abundantly (John 10:10) in 2016. I took control of my finances and made a strict budget, monitoring where every dollar was spent. I also dedicated more time to my Little, doing things that Littles like to do (less time at work and trips to the mall... more trips to the playground and ice cream shop). I also started spending more time on my passion project(s), which has brought me more clients and increased my Instagram following. These positives make all of the extra work and zero free time worthwhile. That's why I can feel good about my upcoming vacation. I feel like I've actually earned it. Now I'm just looking for a good FREE book for that 12-hour flight in a couple of weeks. I'm currently really into books that offer encouragement and guides to better living. I finally got my hands on The Alchemist and I can't wait to dig in. I stumbled across this Little Free Library in Decatur and was so excited. These boxes are great places to find unique and previously loved books! The only rule: If you take a book, you must leave one in its place. I didn't have a book on hand so I didn't take one, but I vowed to return.

And maybe I lied earlier... There is something more exciting than finding a good sale or new store. Working hard so that you and your family can play harder and a really good read that leaves you feeling empowered probably definitely tops that! :)

Kimono: (old) Papaya // Navy ribbed dress: TJ Maxx (similar) // Rose gold sandals: Francesca's // Bangles: multiple stores from my travels

Thank you for stopping by! I hope your summer has been a bit more carefree than mine!