Wearing color used to be my jam. The more the better. But after I started really honing in on the items in my closet that I could not live without, I realized it consisted of a lot of tan, white, and gray. And I always feel a bit super human in an all-black or all-white ensemble. I started paring down all of my wardrobe and the editing ended up being my signature. Everyone at work knows I wear some combination of black, white, gray, or tan every day. And every day, I still look styled and put-together. It just really helps the whole "fancy" thing I got going, without much effort.    

As of late, I have been venturing into blue. Navy blue, to be exact. Not a major splash into the color wheel, but still a step, nonetheless. I love how crisp navy blue looks against all of the white I've been hoarding. It's also a less harsh alternative to my power color, black. In addition, it serves as such a pleasant backdrop when I want to add pastels, without making things look so much like an Easter basket, like with white. Maybe this will be the first step into my journey to incorporate a bit more color into my style? Stepping outside of my comfort zone could be fun!

Dress: Charlotte Russe // Lace-up sandals (old): similar // Handbag (old): Vital XII (Use code FANCYB for 15% off)// Necklace (old): vintage find; thrifted