Ah, summer! I love a good beach vacation, pool party, and cookout. All of which require minimal attire. When the sun's out, the buns are out... Well, not mine, but it wouldn't rhyme if I had said thighs. But I digress... 

When the summer hits, I have to switch up my skincare routine. I swap out all of my creamy facial cleansers, and thick moisturizers for gel versions and moisturizing facial mists. Yaaas, rose water spray from Whole Foods!! A similar overhaul happens with my shower essentials. My legs are probably the part of my body that I am most proud of. Here are a few FancyBStyle Tips to help you keep your legs temptingly smooth.

I love anything that will help smooth out my keratosis pilaris, which can be a real BEAR... see what I did there? Bear. Cuz we're talking about shaving... Ok. Nvmd. Exfoliation is essential in keeping your skin smooth and revealing a healthy glow. I like to do some heavy duty exfoliating before and after I shave. I am obsessed with this body scrub from You Are Amazing ($4) because the scent reminds me of sugar cookies and I love how fine the scrub is. Every other day, I work in the scrub with these gloves ($4), to help prevent ingrown hairs and missed stubble.  

A no-brainer, right? But it just so happens, shaving is also a form of exfoliation. I shave every day just to ensure the smooth affect doesn't go away. The trick here is to steer clear of those Dollar Store razors and opt for a razor with at least 4 blades. That is how to get the closest shave. After about 6 shaves, I replace the razor blade. I'm currently loving this one from Olay  ($13) because shaving gel isn't required! 

Exfoliating gets rid of old, dried up, dead skin cells, to reveal younger skin. That younger skin is vulnerable. You have to add a layer of protection to your skin through moisturizing. This also replenishes your skin after exfoliation. Using a moisture-rich shaving cream/gel is the first level of moisture. This one from EOS ($4) is my favorite! This is a no lather/foaming cream, that feels more like a lotion than an actual shaving cream. And the vanilla bean scent makes me feel like I'm slathering up in homemade vanilla ice cream. After shaving, I use a dry body oil, like this coconut milk one from Victoria's Secret ($18) to lock in the moisture while my skin is still wet. 

All the prep work is done, but before you head out of the door, don't forget your highlight. I like my highlight on my cheek bones to blind people from space, so why should my legs not be able to get that same shine treatment? Insert this skin perfecting glow cream from Victoria's Secret ($15). It falls right in line with all of my other vanilla/coconut scented things, to complete the whole summertime dessert theme I have going on. It's lightweight, but blurs imperfections on your skin and also adds a beautiful golden goddess glow. That highlight tho!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are equal parts entertained and informed! Let me know some of your tricks to slay all summer. I'd love to get more tips and extend my shower time :)