So, I have been kind of neglecting the blog for the past week or so due in part to working with Atlanta International Fashion Week. I've been assisting behind the scenes with some of their social media and PR projects. As you may or may not know, I am a pretty shy girl, who can occasionally feign outgoingness. But generally, if you don't strike up a convo with me, we will probably never speak, unfortunately. Many have cited they've misjudged my awkward silence as me being cold and uninterested. I hate that being people's initial impression of me.

This is where my style comes in to play. I've loved playing dress up since I was 3. My style has always been something I put thought and effort into because I was able to dress like the person I felt I was inside, since speaking to people would literally bring me to tears. It took some time for me to realize the power of great style and how to leverage my personal style to do the talking for me. For instance, I signed up as a PR/social media assistant because I wanted to network with other fashion-minded individuals, while still being behind the scenes. Last night we hosted the first event of the week, a networking soiree.

Quick story: I bought this jumpsuit over a year ago, when I was still working on becoming confident in my new "mom body" and was looking for something to wear to a blogger event. I found this and thought it'd conceal some things nicely. I put it on the day of the event and something just wasn't right, so I opted for a LBD instead and never reached for this jumpsuit again. Last night, tags still attached, I tried the jumpsuit on again. I realized I didn't exactly love the gaudy plastic hardware around the neck.

So I got my seam ripper and went to work!After a few minutes, I had a beautiful blank, blush colored canvas. I added on a statement necklace a la Dylanlex, and I was in full Fancy B mode.

 That small change of removing the original hardware and adding some that is more in my wheelhouse is what personal style is all about-- taking something from ordinary to uniquely you. That necklace ended up getting a bunch of attention at the event. After each compliment, I was able to tell the story about how I was gifted this piece, then my journey into blogging and personal styling, and I left my business card with each person inquiring.

My personal style in the form of a statement piece actually became the way for me to make conversation with people (designers, photographers, store owners, show coordinators, etc.) that I wanted to connect with, but ordinarily may not have actually been forward enough to speak to. There is power in impeccable personal style, people!

Jumpsuit: (old) Pink Clove (VERY similar here) // Lace-up heels: (old) Lola Shoetique // Layered silver bib necklace: c/o Studs and Sapphires giveaway (similar versions here and here) // 

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