I can always count on the weather to turn cold right before my birthday. And this year, holding true to tradition, the temps dropped dramatically and it was officially time to start layering up. But knowing Georgia weather patterns, warmer temps may return before the end of the year. *side eye*
 I'm not really into outerwear (I prefer to simply pile on a scarf and my trusty leather jacket) but this year, I figure I'll be an adult and get a coat. My first stop was "Old Faithful", or what regular people call it, J. Crew. I've always been obsessed with how chic their fall/winter lookbooks are. But after checking a few price tags, I realized that my bank account would hate me no matter how chic I ended up looking. So I wandered in to Forever21, where I was pleasantly surprised to find so many inexpensive (under $100) options. I figured I would share a few of my favorites. Hopefully this helps out anybody else who's suddenly in dire need of some cold-weather coverage. Good luck!

Outerwear Options ft Forever21

Outerwear Options ft Forever21 by fancybstyle 

Forever 21 is currently having a 50% off winter sale, plus free shipping on orders over $30. This offer is available in-store as well as online. Get your favorite while it's still in stock!

Click the icons below to browse, or follow the links provided to shop directly!

1) Belted Trench Overcoat // 2) Faux Fur Tweed Coat // 3) Toggle-Front Plaid Coat // 4) Longline Plaid Coat // 5) Longline Faux Fur // 6) Faux Fur-trimmed Duster Coat // 7) Colorblocked Faux Fur Coat

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