Many questions come up when I'm going to events with my friends, like what part of town, who's hosting, what time does it start, and what time will we ACTUALLY get there (yes, I have time management issues and my friends are just as bad, if not worse). These are all important questions, but the million dollar question that seems to always rest on my shoulders is "What are you gonna wear?" Putting together the right look for a particular occasion is easy once you know all of the details and have a few guidelines to follow.
For me, I'm a very "it depends" kind of girl in my everyday attire. I can't pinpoint my style, but when it comes to getting ready for an event, I always consider:
  • Type of Event  
  • Time of day
  • Location
Thinking about these elements always makes it easy for me to pick an outfit for myself and to advise my friends with their styling choices. Here are two instances that I followed my 3 dressing criteria.
  1. Atlanta Thrift Fashion Showcase
  • Type of Event: Fashion Show
  • Time of day: Evening (6-9PM)
  • Location: Hilton Garden Hotel ballroom
For this event, I knew that I wanted to be flirty and glam. Because it was a fashion show, I knew that I'd be sitting down for most of the night, which allowed me to break out a pair of my "4-Hr shoes." You know, the shoes that are nice to look at but kill your baby toe within the first few hours of wear?? The show started at 6pm and normal rules for getting dressed don't really apply at night. You can pretty much get away with anything, so go bold! I love gold, so I chose this golden Kensie dress. I wanted to bring out the black stitching in the dress by wearing black and gold accessories and shoes.

I took matchy-matchy to the extreme by adding a sparkly gold smokey eye and nude lips into my makeup look.  Finally, with it being held at a hotel, and hotel events always seem serious, I wanted to look polished. I chose to add some old Hollywood curls to complete the polished look.
       2. She Networks Atlanta
  •  Type of Event: Female Entrepreneurs networking
  • Time of day: Afternoon (2-4PM)
  • Location: NM Caf�- Lenox
This event was a small gathering of black female business owners. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase my style, while still remaining professional as a business woman. I wanted to wear something that was simple, but still had some visual interest. A little black dress can go anywhere and this one from Kensie was perfect! I wish I had worn the button down shirt under it, like I had originally envisioned, but this minimalistic look worked as well. I was able to move freely, eat well, and maintain a look that let others know that I took my business seriously. I paired the dress with a pair of nude pointy-toed pumps, and simple gold jewelry. I ended up wearing the same curls from the day before. They fell quite a bit, but brushed out, they created a cool easy-going vibe. I kept my makeup very simple so it wouldn't distract from the fact that I am a wardrobe consultant and not a makeup artist.