My fianc� and I are not really big on holidays. With the exception of Christmas, we very rarely get all swept up in the hype. For some reason, this year has started off a little differently. For starters, we actually celebrated New Year's Eve. And now, he's telling me he already bought Valentine's Day gifts for Charlie and me. It all feels so new. And I think I like it! 

I'm not sure what we'll be doing on Valentine's Day, so I grabbed a few options from my closet since I'm currently on a self-imposed shopping restriction. Here are a few options for multiple occasions. 

The Interactive Date:
Game arcade, bowling, amusement park 

The Girls' Date: 
Lunch with the girls, spa day

The Daytime Date:
Brunch, daytime party, museum 

The Fancy Date: 
Dinner at a 5 star restaurant, a night of dancing, cocktails

I also added something for the fellas. I know as women sometimes we get so caught up in our significant other being romantic on this day. But my fianc� had a  very simple request: for me to wear some commemorative lingerie. Easily done! 

The Sexy Date:
Grown-up time at home, hotel staycation, cabin retreat

The pink set is from H&M. The black set is from Wal-Mart!! Victoria's Secret isn't the only place to get great lingerie. I hope this helps someone, especially if you're on a budget or dealing with last-minute plans. Which look was your favorite? 

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