Most days, I am perfectly content to hang out with my little Bugg, doing baby-friendly stuff. But every once in a while, a mommy gets the urge to have some adult conversation. Over the weekend I got dressed up, met up with my friend Audrey, and headed to Girl Boss ATL, a "Sip and Shop" event downtown, at the Biltmore Hotel. Even though I don't drink, and I've been on a shopping restriction this month, I had a good time! It was fun, the atmosphere was nice, the food was incredible, and there were lots of interesting people.

The Girl Boss event was created and hosted by Jessica Allen. She is the owner of So Fabuluxe Events, an event planning boutique based in Atlanta, GA. I got a chance to interview her during and after the event. Here's our conversation:
Fancy B: "How did you get involved with event planning?"

Jessica Allen: "I have been planning different events for family and friends for over 5 years. I decided to go full force with my business and my brand after the birth of my son. I began to seriously consider it as a business after my baby shower, which was a mini production... and I was sad it was over." 
FB: "Congrats on the new bundle. I like to call myself a fellow "mompreneur." So, as a fellow mompreneur, what would you say is the hardest part about being a new mommy and a business owner? And how do you stay motivated?"
JA: "I would have to say the hardest part is finding a good balance between mommy time and business time and my 9 month old, Carter is my motivation."
FB: "This is a pretty big production. How did you manage to get everything to come together?"
JA: "I gave myself plenty of time to plan. I had 2 months to get it all handled. I contacted the vendors and kept the lines of communication open every step of the way, from initial contact, to deposit deadlines, and more."
FB: "Is So Fabuluxe your fulltime job?"
JA: "It kind of is because I no matter where I am, I will take a call [from a client] or answer an email. But I also work fulltime in the healthcare management field."
FB: "As this is a networking event, who have you gotten a chance to meet and network with?"
JA: "I've met Dayy Bella of Bella Bar Tees, Bianca of Sassy Mitchell Hair *(Bianca and Dayy are also the owners of Ladies Who Brunch ATL, and event I attended at the end of last year)*, stylist, Tameka Raymond, Ming Lee of Snob Hair, Sabrina of Glam Bar... I'm sure I'm forgetting so many people!
FB: "How have they influenced you?"
JA: "The brands they've built draws me in, their grind inspires me, and they are always willing to offer me some encouraging words."
FB: "Ok, so just for fun, describe your ideal client."
JA: "A client who explains their wants and what they are unclear about. One who remains open to suggestion and is clear on their budget. Lastly, one who provides plenty of feedback."
It's always nice to pick the brain of a young black entrepreneur. I hope you guys enjoyed the interview (something that's new for AFB!). Unfortunately, my camera mysteriously deleted the photos of all of the vendors' tables, the food stations, and the DJ set up. :( 
Go visit the So Fabuluxe Events website to set up your complimentary consultation for your own fabulous event... "Because every event deserves to be a So Fabuluxe Event!"

What I'm Wearing:
brocade skirt: ASTR via Nordstrom // similar (save or splurge)
"Fleming" bag: Tory Burch (color no longer available)
shoes: GoJane
headband: borrowed from my mom // similar (save or splurge.. a little)
I provided a ton of pictures today and more wordage than usual. Lol, hopefully you get through it all! Thanks for stopping by!