I received the moniker "Fancy B" during my freshmen year in college. I hated it at first because I knew it was meant to be sarcastic. A buddy from my dorm used to always tell me I was getting "too cute" for lunch at the caf, chilling on the quad, people watching near the gym, etc. I didn't understand the whole leaving-your-room-in-your-sweats-that-are-actually-your-pjs situation that so many other people had adjusted to so quickly. Even though I may have been slightly overdressed for these mundane activities around campus, I was still comfortable. I wasn't like wearing stilettos to Bio 1001 or anything. But I did take the time to actually put together a cohesive look every single day. 
    After being called Fancy for so long, I proudly accepted it. I appreciated the fact that my style set me apart from my cohorts. It's what really sparked my interest in styling and personal shopping (which I did for a bit for fun in school, because I didn't yet know a person could legitimately make a living from this hobby!!!). 
    This ensemble is actual one that would have elicited one of those "Hurry up! Who are you getting all fancy for?" remarks from my friends. It looks a bit more complicated than it actually is. The sleeveless dress is stretchy, soft, and easy chic. The shirt around my waist serves 2 purposes: overs my booty (or lack thereof, lol), and accentuates my waist. The jacket adds to the cool effect and keeps my arms warm. And the sandals are my faves! They've been broken in perfectly and are so easy to walk in! 
    All in all, my nickname, which started as a gentle jab, is what brought me to my passion. That passion for the beauty of fashion and style is what initially attracted my fianc� to me. He often mentions how put together I always was, day or night, when we first started hanging out. That was something he wasn't used to seeing. So do I mind being poked fun of for being my fancy little self? HEAVENS NO!!

photography by Krisanne Talbot

What I'm Wearing:
Moto Jacket: Joe Fresh // Flannel: (old) F21, similar // Ribbed sweater dress: Windsor (no longer available), same dress, different store

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