When people ask me what my occupation is, I am simultaneously nervous and proud that I'm able to say I am a stay-at-home mom. Most of the time, people see it as one of two things: a) she's lucky her "man" pays all of her bills or b) she's lazy, that's not a real job!
My fianc� does handle pretty much everything financially, and my mother is the greatest grandmother ever! So I am grateful for my support team. I'm not sure why anyone would think being a stay at home mom isn't a "real" job. It's a full time, 24/7/365 job! If parents pay daycare workers and teachers, which are considered real jobs, why is being a mother and a homemaker not seen in the same light? Being a stay at home mom is a sacrifice, but it is so rewarding. I've seen my daughter's firsts (smile, steps, laugh, word, fever, tooth, etc.) all firsthand! But let me get off of my soapbox...
Although I don't go to an office on a daily basis, I am a budding Mompreneur and I still have appointments and meetings with clients from time to time and showing up in sweats isn't an option! Here's one of my recent work looks:

The weather in Georgia changes constantly, especially when the seasons are starting to change. I always bring some back-up layers to add just in case. 

Photography by Cameron Tabbs

And of course Char wanted to show mommy's blog some support :)

What I'm wearing:
Tuxedo style blouse: Forever21 (similar // similar)
Skirt: Nordstrom Rack  (similar // similar) If this skirt were a dress...
Cap-toe pumps: Bakers (old)
Handbag: H&M (similar, also from H&M)
Phonecase: Fancy Little Thingz Boutique (link currently unavailable)
Are any of my readers mothers as well? How do you juggle motherhood and a career? I'd love to hear from you guys! 

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