Everybody has that day where your hair just refuses to lay right, that random pimple showed up uninvited, and a food baby (I couldn't resist those fries earlier) is trying to keep you from being great. Ah, yes, today was that day for me!! But because it was so beautiful outside, I put on a happy face anyway and got on with my life. And I must say, I'm so glad I did! I was blown away by the wonderful compliments I received from so many beautiful women throughout my entire day (most stopping to admire my "Versace" chain belt)! Sometimes we're really our own worst critics. All of those imperfections we see on ourselves can be totally nonexistent to all of the people we encounter.

Photography by Cameron Tabbs

What I'm wearing:
Crop Top: Topshop (on sale now 2 for $15)
Skirt: Trouve' via Nordstrom Rack (similar, similar)
Heels: Steve Madden
Belt: vintage via my mother's closet (similar and this Moschino one I'd love to own)
Handbag: (old) H&M (similar)

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